I’ve always been a mushroom fan ever since I was a little kid. I realize that the ratio of people who do like mushrooms is rather small compared to those who despise them but that’s alright, more for me! I wanted to make my own recipe for one of my favorite ways to eat mushroomsContinue reading “SIMPLE STUFFED MUSHROOMS”


I eat hummus all the time. I’ve tried so many flavors and dipping combinations, it’s kind of crazy. All summer this past year, I ate hummus on sandwiches multiple times a week – you could say it’s one of my favorite foods! Now that I’ve made it a couple times, I feel like sharing aContinue reading “HEARTY HUMMUS”


I got a massive Hamilton Beach food processor for Christmas (thanks mom!!!) and I am so thrilled! I can’t wait to see what recipes I come up with in the new year, my game is about to be STEPPED up. The first thing I wanted to make with it was vegan ricotta, as I knewContinue reading “VEGAN RICOTTA PASTA”


What a visual that gives, right? Since the announcement of this site was yesterday, I felt like making muffins was just the way to celebrate last night! The amount of blueberries combined with heat in this recipe will ensure some bursting of the blueberries inside the muffins, giving an authentically tart and fresh flavor. TheContinue reading “BURSTING BLUEBERRY MUFFINS”