EAT PORTLAND (pt. one)

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Hello! I’m so excited to share some food and friendship goodness in this post. I have a sweet friend who I met at the summer camp we both have attended twice now, Camp Gritty, and her name is Kelly! She is a ray of light, based out of Boston but representing New York with her cute as heck accent and is truly such a joy to be around. Kelly and I wanted to make it a point to keep the Gritty magic alive by planning an afternoon in Portland when we both had some free time. She shot north on the Amtrak and I picked her up just after 12pm. I told her we’d eat that day, and boy did we!

I’m calling this part one because I live relatively close to Portland and pass through on a daily basis via the highway. I can see myself taking numerous days in the future, spending time eating delicious foods this city has to offer (I’ve been eating my way through it for years). It should be a blast as time goes by to see where I end up when I do multiple stops in one day, like I did with Kelly. I am now letting this be the beginning of a developed series – hooray! Let’s get into it.

We started off at Rose Foods, one of the best little bagel shops Portland has to offer. Look at their menu below to see what can be crafted with the help of their delicious bagels made in house.

I wanted to keep things simple and went with a sesame seed bagel with plain cream cheese, capers, and fresh dill. *chefs kiss* Kelly got a decked out bagel sandwich that was so beautiful to look at – vegan cream cheese, lox, tomatoes, and cucumber slices on a cajun bagel. So good!

We then ventured to the Portland Headlight and walked around a bit to break up the afternoon! It was the perfect fall day for this activity and a necessary place to go to when in this area for someone who hasn’t ever been prior. We wanted to continue walking around, so I parked in the Old Port where we found our way into many cute shops. The Holy Donut and Cabot Cheese store caught our attention too. The Holy Donut is a must visit place for anyone who comes to Portland as they are vital part of Maine’s donut culture. We got pomegranate and dark chocolate sea salt donuts to eat right then, and toasted coconut chocolate and fresh lemon ones for the road. Look at these potato based doughy boys!

Let me let you in on a little secret about the Cabot Cheese store – THEY HAVE SO MANY SAMPLES. It was a fun time in our adventure mixing and matching cheese flavors!

After more wandering and the evening fast approaching, we knew we would have to eat dinner – of course. I had tried to go to The Green Elephant on my birthday but there was quite a long wait so I didn’t end up eating dinner there. I felt like there would be better luck on a Sunday night to get into the well known Thai vegetarian restaurant so we went for it. Sure enough we got right in!

We started off with the fresh rolls and vegetable dumplings to share and I had to get the Thai basil fried rice with soy meat as the option to add in, as it’s one of my favorite dishes of theirs. Kelly got the hot and sour soup to end on a warm note before her train ride on home. The Green Elephant has the perfect portioned meals, enough for a plentiful amount at the time of being served and for leftovers! Cannot recommend them enough.

I have realized since living in the Greater Portland area for three years now (where has the time gone?!), there are just too many food options to keep track of – which is a good ”problem” to have! The tourist season seems to be the cause of the floods of people down in the Old Port, more locally owned spots are popping up, I cannot complain about this increase in good quality eats. It brings wonderful economic growth to the city itself and gives this city and the people that work so hard in it the attention it deserves. Maybe all of these changes have something to do with it being named, Restaurant City of the Year in 2018? Either way, I’m happy to have the opportunity to live in an area with so many options and to be able to show someone else those tasty spots as well!

If you want to keep up with what’s new in Portland for food, here are a few of my favorite resources that I check regularly:

@frannieeatsmaine / Frannie’s Website
@portlandfoodmap / PFM’s Website
@mainefoodietours / MFT’s Website

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this little write up about our awesome day. Check out @savoryservingswithsav on Instagram to see my occasional local updates that consist mostly of bagels, coffee and freshly made goods.

love, Sav


Published by Savannah Perico

I am a 22 year old aspiring food maker, lover, and recipe creator. I am always whipping meals up in my little well lit kitchen in southern Maine. I am always trying to improve my culinary craft and do a better job at keeping track of my intuitive process while cooking so I can share recipes with those who are interested!

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